Synergetix Wins Gracious Professionalism Award At Nationals

The excited team left for Sydney on Friday evening hoping to make our school proud. In the morning, we made their way over to Macquarie University for the opening ceremony. Then after greeting now-Melbourne based Minjung who had just flown in, it was off to present the Research Project. We presented our project on radiation protection for astronauts to the judge who was impressed with our high-level science concepts – we also talked about how we had improved their idea from feedback including a RAAF engineer this week.

After this, the team ran our first robot game that was a score of 50 – not the best but not a disaster either. We went to Core Values judging which is all about teamwork and the team’s strength. In Leyla’s words, “Last year we nailed our session, this year we DRILLED it!” The team thought it went really well and the team explained how we have helped bring FLL to others from helping other schools, to meeting with Rotary to helping to host our school Junior Lego League Expo.

Synergetix then went to Robot Judging with a great judge who was really attentive to our explanations and offered some great feedback along the way. The standard of robots and attachments at this Championship was really high but the second robot game went a bit better with a score of 87. It was then time to relax at the local food court for a bite to eat before heading back to our accommodation.

On Sunday morning, the team had its final Robot Game round. We scored 87 again which could have been higher with a bit more luck – one satellite got stuck and didn’t score and we just missed on another mission. Then it was more time to relax before the closing ceremony where the team was excited to win their first ever Major Trophy by coming first in the Gracious Professionalism category. A huge thanks to Ms Powers for helping the team and the coach for the weekend – and it was amazing that Minjung and her mum could join us after moving to Melbourne the day after the State Championship.

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